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Hundreds of Californians have voiced their ideas on how to improve our state, and the “Dear Governor” messages are now posted online as part of the California Forward Idea Map.

Covering topics from fiscal management to green energy, the ideas come from a diverse coalition of California voters from across the political spectrum — liberal to conservative and everything in between.

Executive Director Jim Mayer said the ideas are insightful and measured.

“It’s important to show the diversity of political thought represented in these Dear Governor ideas, so we created the Map to highlight some of the best submissions so far,” Mayer said. “It means a lot to hear from Californians who are concerned about our state’s future.”

The submissions came from every corner of the state, from Eureka to San Diego, Lake Tahoe to Riverside.

“We may be big, spread out, diverse, and geographically varied, but the CA Fwd Idea Map shows that we’ve all got the same goal: to fix California,” said Mayer. “That’s what California Forward is all about: finding common ground so we can get great things done.”

To explore the Idea Map, zoom in and out using the sliding scale on the left of the screen, drag the map around with your mouse, and click on the orange markers to view the ideas of your fellow Californians.

If you would like to submit an idea, fill out the form on the bottom of the page and click Forward It >>.

We look forward to hearing your ideas promoting discussion among all Californians.

Gina Baleria is the communication manager at California Forward. 


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