Early signs of a deal emerge in special session on road maintenance
150 150 Justin Ewers

Infrastructure bills emerging in the California Legislature could offer the first glimmerings of a potential road funding deal that includes new money, new protections to ensure road funds are spent on roads, and new accountability measures.

12 new ways to close infrastructure funding gaps highlighted by CA Fwd and Economic Summit partners
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Paying for badly needed maintenance of California’s transportation system would benefit from using “fourth sector” models, which combine public, private and nonprofit resources for public good.

Inland Empire to host 2015 California Economic Summit
150 150 California Economic Summit

Economic Summit, co-hosted by CA Fwd, will be held in Ontario on November 12-13, 2015.

New data shows strong support Proposition 1, gains for Proposition 2
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It’s less than two weeks from the election and neither the drought, the support for the state water bond seem, or interest in beefing up the state’s budget reserve seem to be waning much.

California farmers unite to adapt to climate change
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Farmer-led group is collaborating to seek out innovations worldwide to tackle the potential impact of climate change on agriculture in California and nationwide.

California film and TV tax credits heading to Hollywood ending?
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The entertainment industry, which has been perceived statewide as largely a Los Angeles-based industry, will send its production anywhere