CA Fwd rallies political reformers across country

CA Fwd rallies political reformers across country

Amid highly polarized national politics, reform groups working on path forward at state and local level

VIDEO: Panetta urges California reform work to continue

VIDEO: Panetta urges California reform work to continue

Former Defense Secretary comments on state of national politics and the where CA should go from here

Why the Middle Class Matters

Why the Middle Class Matters

The California Dream isn't sustainable unless we do more to lift the state's workforce into middle class jobs

CA Fwd is a Catalyst for a Better California. To Restore the CA Dream, We Must...

"If CA Fwd can continue to fight these battles, there's no question in my mind that the dream of my parents for a better life will become real for our young people in the future."

- Leon Panetta

"I applaud CA Fwd for doing such a great
job over the last 10 years."

- Eloy Ortiz Oakley, California Community Colleges Chancellor

"We need organizations like CA Fwd today more than ever."

- Bill Mueller, Executive Director, Valley Vision

"I'm grateful for CA Fwd for leading the
charge on the Economic Summit."

- Ashley Swearengin, Former Mayor of Fresno

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