WATCH: Creating a more resilient California

WATCH: Creating a more resilient California

The CA Economic Summit is working in 2018 to lift up more more Californians hurt by disasters & economic dislocation

VIDEO: How a vibrant rural California helps entire economy

VIDEO: How a vibrant rural California helps entire economy

CA Economic Summit looking at improving urban-rural economic links and growing better-paying jobs inland

CA Fwd is a Catalyst for a Better California. To Restore the CA Dream, We Must...

"You're there demonstrating every single year a capacity to deliver on the things we promote and promise up in Sacramento."

- Gavin Newsom, Lt. Governor, State of California

"I think the Summit's work is critical."

- California State Senator Toni Atkins

"The work of CA Fwd is indicative of the fact that you can do it. You can find that common ground..."

- Ben Metcalf, Director, CA Department of Housing & Community Development

"There's been no other entity that's been able or willing to take on that challenge but CA Fwd & the Economic Summit has done just that."

- Ashley Swearengin, CEO, Central Valley Community Foundation

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WATCH: Economic Summit aims to make California more resilient


2018 will see renewed focus on lifting up more more Californians including those hit by disasters & economic dislocation Read More

Success in transforming county criminal justice continues into 2018 for CA Fwd


California counties approved CA Fwd recommendations in 2017 and made headway in anti-recidivism work Read More

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VIDEO: Candidates for governor share ideas to revive the deferred CA Dream


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