2017 Economic Summit Recap

2017 Economic Summit Recap

Focus on upward mobility and higher education marked statewide gathering - Plus the 2018 Summit location announced

VIDEO: How a vibrant rural California helps entire economy

VIDEO: How a vibrant rural California helps entire economy

CA Economic Summit looking at improving urban-rural economic links and growing better-paying jobs inland

Download the 2017 Summit Playbook

Download the 2017 Summit Playbook

Read the official 2017 Summit policy guide for rebuilding upward mobility in California

CA Fwd is a Catalyst for a Better California. To Restore the CA Dream, We Must...

"For California to remain an innovative powerhouse, it is dependent on a college educated workforce."

- CSU Chancellor Timothy P. White

"For the Golden State to be golden, all of the state has to be golden"

- Michael Tubbs, Mayor of Stockton

"Our success could inspire a different course for the nation..."

- Ashley Swearengin & Dave Regan

"...a simple matter of ensuring that all children, even those born into poor families, are afforded the same opportunity..."

- David B. Grusky, Stanford

News & Commentary

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