2020 Roadmap to Shared Prosperity

The Summit network’s commitment to creating inclusive sustainable growth is demonstrated through its support of multi-benefit solutions that help Californians, in all of the state’s regions, gain access to the Building Blocks of the California Dream. These diverse policy areas are all interrelated and inextricably linked to the well-being of people in our state. Encompassing all of California Forward’s work, these policy areas include:

Building Blocks

Driving economic mobility for all Californians requires deliberate action, relentless accountability, and precise measurement tools. Local, regional, and statewide partnerships are necessary prerequisites to developing solutions that meet the challenge, while giving full consideration to achieving the state’s climate goals, economic development strategies and social equity investments. The 2019 Summit’s work focused on four of the seven Building Blocks of the California Dream.

This 2020 Roadmap to Shared Prosperity outlines the immediate priorities of the Summit network. In the coming year, members will work in partnership with the Administration and the Legislature to implement priority actions and to help achieve a California for All.

View the digital version of the 2020 Roadmap here or download a PDF copy below.