2018 Roadmap to Shared Prosperity

The challenge is clear: The California Dream has become distant for millions and the state’s dynamic and booming economy has yet deliver on equitable, sustainable and prosperous opportunities for every community.

At the 2017 Summit in San Diego, nearly 500 participants reaffirmed the Summit’s priorities in workforce, housing, and infrastructure, and also identified three major new initiatives to help lift every California community into prosperity.

The 2018 Roadmap outlines the Summit’s plans to take on the challenge of our time—pushing the state to set goals and track progress toward restoring upward mobility, ensure rural regions aren’t left behind, and demonstrate how every California community can make itself a model of resiliency. Together with the One Million Challenges, this new agenda is outlined in more detail in the latest Roadmap below.

The 2018 Roadmap to Shared Prosperity outlines the California Economic Summit’s plans for comprehensive agenda to address that challenge:

1. Creating a set of economic mobility goals consistent with California’s values and holding the state accountable by tracking progress toward lifting more people out of poverty

2. Ensuring rural regions aren’t left behind. Instead, striving to address their distinct challenges and improve rural-urban economic links

3. Building a new path for every California community to become more resilient to the disruption caused by natural disasters, climate change, and the economic uncertainty of the 21st century economy

4. Continuing the Summit’s “One Million Challenges,” ongoing initiatives to close gaps in skilled workers, livable communities, and well-paying jobs