2018 California Economic Summit Playbook

The 2018 California Economic Summit Playbook is the policy guide for this year’s Summit in Santa Rosa. The Playbook tracks progress to date and begins to define a fuller prosperity agenda aimed at improving California’s triple bottom line.

At the 2018 Summit in Santa Rosa, nearly 500 participants will have the opportunity to step back and consider the broader agenda needed to elevate the California Dream—and to ensure every California community can be resilient in the face of an unpredictable economy and an uncertain climate.

Summit attendees will sharpen a comprehensive Roadmap agenda to meet the needs of the 21st-century economy in California, including:

    • Setting goals consistent with California values. The Summit supports legislation defining tangible metrics for upward mobility – and establishing a system for tracking progress.
    • Advancing solutions that meet the triple bottom line. The Summit will continue ongoing initiatives to close gaps in the number of skilled workers, livable communities and well-paying jobs.
    • Ensuring rural California prospers. The Summit will launch a statewide collaborative committed to advancing the sustainable development of rural regions.
    • Modeling resiliency for every region. The Summit will concentrate on every region’s flexibility and ability to move forward after unexpected events like wildfires, earthquakes or even recessions.

This Playbook defines the topics and action plans that will be reviewed, refined, and championed by participants at the 2018 Summit in Santa Rosa. These plans will launch as the 2019 Roadmap to Shared Prosperity in January, and the Summit will spend the year pushing the new administration and Legislature to act quickly to close the growing the gap between the California we have, and the California we need.