2017 California Economic Summit Playbook

The 2017 California Economic Summit Playbook is your policy guide for this year’s Summit in San Diego. The Playbook tracks progress to date and begins to define a fuller prosperity agenda aimed at improving California’s triple bottom line.

This year’s gathering will expand beyond the Summit’s One Million Challenges to include other critical components of a comprehensive strategy for economic growth—supporting people, profit, and the planet. The 2017 Summit’s major theme, Elevate CA, will frame vital conversations and will focus the gathering on addressing new imperatives: reducing income inequality, increasing economic security, bolstering wealth generation, and restoring upward mobility.

This effort includes three strategic elements, which will be the centerpiece of discussion:

  • Human Development
  • Affordable, Equitable, and Sustainable Communities
  • Quality Job Creation Strategies

The 2017 California Economic Summit in San Diego offers a chance to identify priorities and utilize a statewide network that, over the last six years, has advanced more investments in workforce, innovations in infrastructure finance, and a policy framework big enough to take on the housing crisis.

The next step toward elevating CA is developing a unifying vision—and a more comprehensive strategy—to lift all communities into prosperity, be they in populous coastal metros, fast-growing inland regions, or one of the state’s distinctive rural areas.