2015 Roadmap to Shared Prosperity

The 2015 Roadmap to Shared Prosperity is a broad set of proposals aimed at helping every region in California concentrate its efforts to accelerate middle-class job growth—and address issues from growing income inequality to the environmental and economic challenges of climate change.

The aim of the Economic Summit and our Roadmap to Shared Prosperity, a five-year plan grounded in public and private sector commitments to the “triple bottom line”—simultaneous growth in the economy, improvement in environmental quality, and increased opportunity for all, is to tackle all of those challenges simultaneously.

The Roadmap outlines a set of overarching priorities Summit leaders believe can increase and broaden prosperity for all Californians. It identifies the “right next steps” we believe are needed to move toward these goals in the next year—from aligning workforce training programs with industry needs to integrating the state’s myriad climate adaptation efforts. It also includes a detailed set of proposals for how the Summit’s seven action teams plan to get this done—and who we must partner with to get there.

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