2015 California Economic Summit Playbook

The California Economic Summit Playbook offers more detail on each of three challenges to be tackled at the annual gathering, along with a set of action plans that will be the top priority of the Summit network in the year ahead.

At the California Economic Summit on November 12-13, participants will sharpen a set of strategies aimed at producing, over the next decade:

  • One million more skilled workers: With wages stagnating and income inequality rising—and millions of Californians struggling to make ends meet in low-wage jobs—industries from health care to manufacturing are still struggling to find skilled workers. The Summit has set a goal of improving the workforce pipeline—and closing this looming “skills gap”—by aligning the state’s expansive training and education programs with the needs of employers.
  • One million more homes: With housing supply falling far below demand—and with more and more Californians unable to afford to rent or buy homes—the Summit will lead a comprehensive effort aimed at reducing the costs and increasing the supply of housing.
  • One million more acre-feet of water each year: With Californians using substantially more water each year than the state’s infrastructure can reliably supply, the Summit will support a renewed push for watershed management solutions that conserve, capture, and re-use enough water to achieve a sustainable water balance.
  • How will the Summit accomplish these goals?