2013 California Economic Summit Report

This summary report on the 2013 Summit lays out the background behind the Summit and gives a roundup of Summit commitments, a collection of some of the best thinking from across the state about how to drive sustainable economic growth in California:

“It was neither a beginning nor an end. The 2013 California Economic Summit in Los Angeles—which brought together 450 business, labor, government, and nonprofit leaders from across the state to champion an integrated prosperity strategy for California—was more like a productive milestone in the middle of an ambitious journey.

The Summit gave regional leaders an opportunity to discuss what Californians can do to put the state on the road to prosperity–and to explore exactly how they can work together to create jobs, increase opportunity for all, and improve environmental quality in all of the state’s diverse regions. This is the triple-bottom-line approach — economy, equity and environment – that was the underpinning of the entire Summit process. The result? Nearly 600 individual commitments were made at the Summit to advance an ambitious but important agenda in Sacramento and in our regions.”