2013 Action Plan Blog Series

Read our blog series on each of the 2013 Action Plans of the California Economic Summit, which will lay the foundation for a future of well-paying jobs, a sustainable environment, and equal opportunities for every Californian.

This work, as it did last year, starts in the regions, with leaders from across the state coming together to create an economic vitality strategy that connects these two Californias—and promotes efforts to rebuild a strong middle class. Summit participants have created seven Action Teams to develop a statewide plan for investing in the workers, infrastructure, and governance systems California will need to thrive in the decades to come.

In many cases, the teams’ goals are intrinsically linked: Investing in infrastructure and a skilled workforce, after all, will help the state’s economy support a range of middle-class jobs in manufacturing and other leading industries—growth areas that can expand more quickly by streamlining regulations and easing access to capital for small businesses.

These draft plans were the source of debate and discussion at the Summit in November, where participants from across the state outlined the keys to implementation—and committed to moving this plan forward.