Stakeholder Roundtables

California Economic Summit inches closer
150 150 Justin Ewers

A little over a month before the California Economic Summit on November 7-8 in Los Angeles, the final updates to the Signature Initiatives identified at the 2012 Summit have been added to the Summit’s Progress Tracker.

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San Diego stakeholders hope for better state-level flexibility, more local power
150 150 Alisha Rosas

At the recent San Diego Stakeholder Roundtable, attendees discussed their thoughts on the Five ‘Smart Government’ Proposals. Many agreed that implementation of local control over program funding and services would be challenging.

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Inland Empire Roundtable focuses on solutions
150 150 Janeth Hernandez

California has a diverse population comprised of people with different ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds, beliefs, education levels – yet we all share one dream: we all wish for California to be a prosperous and thriving state that it once was, the state that was defined as the epitome of the boundless opportunities. Today, California’s state government is issuing IOUs, unemployment is at its highest in history, and teachers are on hunger strike.

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At Downtown LA roundtable, participants concerned about oversimplification
150 150 Kati Koster

At last week’s regional roundtable in Downtown LA, participants expressed support for the Smart Government Framework, but warned that they would need to see more specifics about how areas like education are handled.

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Questions of equity and other pitfalls at Central Valley Roundtable
150 150 Felicia Matlosz

The Regional Stakeholder Roundtable in Selma on May 17 attracted dozens of Central Valley business and community leaders who offered spirited feedback on California Forward’s proposed Smart Government framework to fix the state.

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