Tax Reform

Silicon Valley to Jerry Brown: We need a game changer
150 150 Carl Guardino

“Game changers.” In Silicon Valley, we use this term for cutting-edge products and processes that leapfrog the competition…

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What can Brown do for California?
150 150 Armando Botello II

Next week, Jerry Brown will take the helm of the maligned entity known as the Golden State. Much of the state’s glimmer has been lost since the last time…

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The reform agenda – red pills, blue agendas, and the neo-Johnsons
150 150 Edward Headington

You do not have to have read George Orwell to know that one of the most abused words in the English language is “reform.” It is almost as bad as our penchant for reviving old labels with the word “neo.”

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The stakes for small businesses are high this November
150 150 John Kabateck

California small businesses have been and will always be critical to California’s success.

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Restoring balance and trust to the Golden State
150 150 Elizabeth Sholes

No election is insignificant, but the specific measures on the California ballot this November bear heavily on our concerns for social justice.

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CA Fwd welcomes new partner in effort to fix state government
150 150 James P. Mayer

California Forward has worked diligently to advance political and fiscal reforms that will bolster democracy and improve the performance of government in our great but struggling state.

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Proposition 24: Repeals recent legislation that would allow businesses to lower taxable income
150 150 California Forward

Over the past two years, lawmakers have made changes to certain tax laws, which have led to a decrease in the amount some businesses pay in income tax. Proposition 24 would repeal these changes and reinstate business tax laws as they existed in 2008.

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Memo to candidates – dire economy calls for deep reforms
150 150 Jason Clemens

California’s unemployment rate is 12.4 percent Рthird-highest in the country Рbut that statistic fails to tell the whole story of our economic woes.

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