Financing the Future

Tracey Grose: Taxation and Economic Competitiveness: Incentivizing Virtuous Cycles
150 150 John Guenther

Ensuring the public sector is reliably funded even as the economy transforms structurally, will help ensure that California remains on the front edge of opportunity.

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George Runner: The real revenue challenge facing California
150 150 George Runner

Op-Ed: The conversation about tax reform should be about how government can provide taxpayers with better value for the money they already send to Sacramento.

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California’s fiscal crisis isn’t over–and this year’s tax proposals won’t solve it
150 150 Darien Shanske

The current major tax proposals, like extending Prop 30, would either leave our tax system volatile or simultaneously make our tax system both more and less efficient and equitable.

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CA Fwd report: The coming revenue debate must look beyond politics
150 150 Justin Ewers

With more than a dozen major tax proposals moving ahead, the new report from CA Fwd explores the biggest ideas and their policy implications, while outlining a set of criteria voters can use to weigh the merits of each.

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