Budget Reform

CA Fwd: Moving CA From Red Ink to a Reserve
610 200 Ed Coghlan

How CA took a leap forward in creating a more stable state budget picture

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CA Fwd — Approaching a Decade of Making a Difference
610 200 John Guenther

Ten years into an era of reform, California’s outlook has been shaped by public desire for change in how government served the people.

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VIDEO: New Speaker Rendon touts the need for public trust in water spending
150 150 Ed Coghlan

Having gathered public input for a $7.5 billion water bond–and serving a district where several former local officials are serving jail terms–Assemblymember Anthony Rendon understands skepticism in government spending.

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California’s Rainy Day Fund – Protecting our Future
150 150 Lenny Mendonca and Pete Weber

Lenny Mendonca and Pete Weber, co-Chairs of California Forward’s Leadership Council, on how California’s Rainy Day Fund is protecting our Future.

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CA Fwd Statement on Rainy Day Fund and Ballot Initiatives
150 150 John Guenther

“The decision to include payments into the state’s new rainy day fund in the proposed ballot measure that would extend high income tax rates is a victory for all Californians….”

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Governor doubles down on improving workforce pipeline in proposed budget
150 150 Justin Ewers

A California Economic Summit approach to boosting workforce training in the state would get a shot in the arm via Jerry Brown’s budget.

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