Multi-Year Budget

Proposition 2 receives overwhelming endorsements from across the political spectrum
150 150 Christopher Nelson

Proposition 2 captures revenue spikes, doubles the size of California’s rainy day fund and accelerates paying down the state’s “wall of debt”

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City of Alameda moves to two year budget cycle
150 150 Alexandra Bjerg

On Tuesday, the city council of Alameda voted to convert to biennial budgeting; a process designed to promote fiscal discipline, long-term policy planning, and increased accountability.

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Californians want real solutions
150 150 Fred Keeley and Bruce McPherson

After four consecutive years of budget deficits, Californians are wise to the accounting gimmicks and short-term fillers that keep California lurching from budget year to budget year without the kind of stable system in place that protects the programs they need and want.

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