Working Landscapes

Preparing for Wildfires Pays Off in South Lake Tahoe
1024 576 Deb Kollars

Collaborative preventative efforts done since a 2007 wildfire were key to saving homes and structures

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The Catastrophic Cost of Not Investing in California’s Forests
1024 576 Nadine Ono

How a State action plan for forest and wildfire management aligns with CA FWD call to action

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Preparing the Way for a Central Valley Renaissance
580 200 Stuart Van Horn, Ed.D.

Commentary: Governor’s inland California initiative is welcome news in region rich in agriculture, hurt by economic gaps

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Keeping the CA Dream alive and thriving in the Central Valley
610 200 Garth Stapley

How can the Valley lure more business and turn around some of the problems of rural California?

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Assuring Water for California’s Future
580 200 Judy Corbett

A simple cost-effective alternative to new storage projects makes use of the natural reservoirs under our feet

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