How innovative wood products could help cut California wildfires, advance forest resiliency and economic prosperity
580 200 Deborah Kollars

Restoration of state’s forested lands will play a critical role in its overall environmental, social and economic well-being

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Importance of Working Landscapes to California’s Economy and Climate Change
580 200 Stephanie Larson and Adam Livingston

Carbon-oriented management of land may offer owners an income opportunity while also helping to mitigate climate change

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Lenny Mendonca and Pete Weber: Making California Leadership in Greenhouse Gas Reduction Work
150 150 Lenny Mendonca and Pete Weber, co-chairs, California Forward

It’s time to have a fact-based conversation about the costs and goals of passing ambitious new environmental laws.

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VIDEO: Impact summit harnessed California’s innovation economy to tackle big challenges
150 150 John Guenther

Wrap-up of gathering that brought together problem solvers in the public, private and nonprofit sectors to take on the state’s most intractable social and environmental problems.

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Open land pours billions into the California economy
150 150 Michelle Bergmann

Groups documenting value of open space and working landscapes

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