Governor Brown goes to Washington
440 220 Ed Coghlan

California’s governor sent message to President Trump about where they could work together and where they may clash

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Commentary: Fighting Poverty in America
610 201 Laura Tyson and Lenny Mendonca

Too often poverty initiatives are not tailored to local community needs and not driven by evidence of effective outcomes.

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New report shares progress on California Economic Summit’s 2016 goals
610 200 Justin Ewers

Looking ahead to 2016 Summit, leaders are taking stock of goals to produce one million more skilled workers, homes, and acre-feet of water over the next decade.

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California workforce training gets $200 million boost from budget
610 200 Ed Coghlan

State budget passage means community college CTE programs will get a much needed upgrade on how the colleges train to meet demands.

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Op-Ed: When community colleges join forces, student opportunities abound
610 200 Linda Wah and Gustavo Herrera

How regionalism and collaboration between industry and colleges produce stronger skills for students to take to the workforce

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Op-ed: Preparing workers in California at the speed of business
580 190 Steve Westly and Jack Scott

California — of all states – should be leading the nation on delivering on preparing a workforce for the 21st century.

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