The Key to Tapping Underused Land in the Heart of the Antelope Valley
960 540 Jennifer Lovett

California’s largest Enhanced Infrastructure Financing District aims to support needed investment in Palmdale

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California tool to fund badly needed infrastructure growing in popularity
150 150 Ed Coghlan

The EIFD is currently being considered for 60 projects across the state, including Sacramento bridges and L.A. River revitalization.

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How to pay for local infrastructure projects? New website offers an answer
150 150 Darin Dinsmore

Recent legislation expands local governments’ infrastructure financing powers that will help build investments in projects from transit stations, housing to next-gen water facilities.

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Governor signs local infrastructure financing bill in win for Summit
150 150 Justin Ewers

Law will expand development tool cities can use to pay for a range of vital projects, from affordable housing to transportation infrastructure.

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Two ways for cities to reduce the cost of housing and make homes more affordable
150 150 Mark Pisano

Paired together, streamlining regulations and using infrastructure districts to bring down costs would have a big impact on California housing, all without raising taxes.

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