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Micah Weinberg

Dr. Weinberg is Chief Executive Officer and President of CA FWD. This cross-sector civic leadership group is committed to leading a movement to improve government and create inclusive, sustainable growth in all of the state’s regions.

Prior to joining CA FWD, Dr. Weinberg was President of the Bay Area Council Economic Institute, the leading think tank focused on the most critical economic and policy issues facing the Silicon Valley/San Francisco region, and was a Senior Research Fellow at New America.

Dr. Weinberg’s writing has appeared in diverse outlets from the New York Times to Policy Studies Journal, and he has appeared on Fox News and NPR.

Dr. Weinberg’s work focuses on increasing the dynamism, resilience and inclusiveness of communities in California and throughout the nation and world. This requires all people to have access to the building blocks of the California Dream including economic growth, health and wellbeing, affordable transportation, housing and lifelong education, and a healthy environment.

He holds a doctoral degree in Political Science from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and graduated with honors from Princeton University with a degree in Politics. He lives in lovely Oakland, California with his wife and son.