California Stewardship Network

The California Stewardship Network (CSN) is an alliance of regional leaders who are committed to improving government and creating inclusive, sustainable growth for all. CSN organizations lead innovative regional solutions that can be scaled up to solve some of our state’s most pressing economic, environmental, and social well-being challenges. By creating thriving regions, we can ensure a thriving state.

CSN was founded in 2008 by the Morgan Family Foundation as a civic venture. In 2019, CSN joined California Forward, who serves as the backbone of the organization.

With more than 25 organizations throughout the state – and growing – CSN represents the state’s diverse regions. From top to bottom, east to west, coastal and inland, urban and rural – CSN is built upon a foundation of collaboration to move triple-bottom-line solutions that balance equity, the environment and the economy. While each of California’s regions are distinct, there are also many things that bind us together. It is through sharing resources, ideas, innovations and best practices that CSN lifts up solutions that can be implemented throughout the state.

To ensure stewards continue to be identified and trained to lead in each region, CSN leaders serve as mentors to emerging stewards through its Becky Morgan Steward Leadership Program.  

An aspirational thought or concept in which a group of people commit to being forward-looking and envisioning possibilities in a shared view of the future.

Who We Are

CSN Executive Committee

Evan Schmidt
Evan Schmidt

CEO, Valley Vision

Michelle Decker

President & CEO, Inland Empire Community Foundation

Melissa James
Melissa James

President & CEO, REACH

Alysia Bell

President, UNITE-LA

Tahra Goraya

At-Large Member
President & CEO, Monterey Bay Economic Partnership

Oscar Chavez

At-Large Member
President & CEO, Community Foundation Sonoma County

Kate Gordon

Ex-Officio Member

CSN Partners

Jeffrey Ball

President and CEO, Orange County Business Council

Ethan Brown

Interim Executive Director, Sonoma County Economic Development Board

Stephen Cheung

President & CEO, LAEDC
President, WTCLA

Rosanne Foust

President & CEO, San Mateo County Economic Development Association

Steve Frisch
Steve Frisch

President, Sierra Business Council

Paul Granillo
Paul C. Granillo

President & CEO, Inland Empire Economic Partnership

Heidi Hill Drum
Heidi Hill Drum

CEO, Tahoe Prosperity Center

Glenda Humiston
Glenda Humiston

Vice President, University of California – Agriculture and Natural Resources

Tim Kelley

President & CEO, Imperial Valley Economic Development Corporation

Luis Moreno

Assistant Director, 3CORE

Kathy Moxon
Kathy Moxon

Director, Redwood Coast Rural Action

Lauree Sahba

Chief Operating Officer, San Diego Regional Economic Development Corp

Jason Schwenkler

Executive Director, CSU Chico – North State Planning and Development Collective

Bruce Stenslie

President & CEO, Economic Development Collaborative
Former CSN Co-Chair

Ashley Swearengin

President & CEO, Central Valley Community Foundation

Genelle Taylor Kumpe

COO, Fresno Business Council

Ahmad Thomas

President & CEO, Silicon Valley Leadership Group

Joanne Webster

CEO, North Bay Leadership Council

Jim Wunderman

President & CEO, Bay Area Council

Ish Herrera

Executive Director, CSN

Where We Are

Explore our interactive map to learn more about the organizations that make up the California Stewardship Newtork.

Jim and Becky Morgan

“What keeps me going is the expressions of enthusiasm from stewards in the regions caring for their place. No one else is doing it in this way.”

– Becky Morgan

Interested in joining CSN? 

If your organization is interested in learning more about how to join the California Stewardship Network, please reach out to Ismael (Ish) Herrera at

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