12/21/2011 by Chris Block

GPAA: 21st Century Reform

As someone who has closely observed California Forward’s work over the last few years, I am in full support of the proposed Government Performance and Accountability Act (GPAA).

Through American Leadership Forum – Silicon Valley’s Reviving California project, we have been working on California governance and fiscal reform for the past three years. We have partnered with California Forward on various events toward our goals of:

  • Bringing diverse groups of people into a common dialogue and collaboration through nurtured community partnerships;
  • Joining forces in engaging the community on the issue of California reform;
  • Informing organizations proposing reform about Silicon Valley ideas and collective input in a “bottoms-up” approach and
  • Actively engaging the Silicon Valley community so that the region remains a strong voice for the common good

California Forward has been an effective collaborator in gathering ideas and input. They have harnessed 21st Century technology to connect and engage participants. This approach has led to meaningful community involvement, culminating in the current ballot measure language.

In seeking transparency in governance and a community-driven problem-solving model, the GPAA reflects a move back to true democracy, particularly with issues that are increasingly complex, as well as a way to change the culture of governance in California.

For these reasons, I am pleased to support the California Forward Action Fund’s GPAA.

Chris Block is CEO of the American Leadership Forum – Silicon Valley

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