In 2008, voters approved the Voters FIRST Act (Prop. 11), creating the Citizens Redistricting Commission (CRC) that took from legislators the power to draw the lines of their own districts and gave that power to a citizen’s commission. California Forward and the California Forward Action Fund were strong supporters of this seminal reform and are involved in assuring its successful implementation. The commission will ensure voters have a say in drawing legislative district boundaries and require candidates to compete in districts that represent community interests rather than partisan deal making.

The CRC was created in response to the passage of Proposition 11 in 2008. Citizen redistricting was then reaffirmed by voters in November 2011, with the passage of Proposition 20, which added Congressional redistricting to the CRC’s list of responsibilities.

The final commission, which includes five Republicans, five Democrats, and four independent, minority party, or decline-to-state voters, completed its work on Aug. 15, 2011.

For all the information on the commission, go to You can also read about the final maps and this historic process on our blog.

What We're Doing

California Forward has been working to assure successful implementation of California’s new independent redistricting system since it was enacted. This includes ensuring all Californians can easily access information on how to monitor and participate in the 2011 map drawing process. If you have questions about redistricting, email You can also view letters and testimony delivered by California Forward in support of the Commission's work.

How You Can Participate

Visit the CRC website for notices of upcoming meetings and other information. You can also keep up with the commission on Facebook and Twitter. (View the @WeDrawTheLines Twitter feed at right.)

Useful Links

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