California Forward's Path Toward Trust

California Forward, in the wake of two State Senators being indicted and another being convicted, has released a proposal for actions that can be taken immediately by the state Legislature to restore trust in government. The proposal, titled, “The Path Toward Trust,” is designed to accelerate and focus the State’s response to the scandals.

CA Fwd believes every violation of the law by a public official is also a violation of the public trust. The Path Toward Trust includes the following steps:

  • Modernize California's outdated campaign and lobbying disclosure system, also known as Cal-Access;
  • Create online filing of economic interest statements (Form 700);
  • Extend whistleblower protection for legislative staff;
  • Create an independent legislative ethics officer;
  • Enact a 72-hour Read-the-Bill provision; and,
  • Enshrine the public's Right-to-Know in the state Constitution.

You can read the full document below.