Our Work - A Comprehensive Solution

California Forward’s goal is a state government that works, creating a prosperous economy, quality environment, and community equity for everyone.

Our proposed structural changes to the state’s governance, fiscal, and operational processes will achieve: improved education, increased employment, decreased poverty, decreased crime, and improved health:


A disciplined and performance-focused fiscal system – California needs a state budget process that will prevent lawmakers from making promises they can’t keep and ensure public resources are well spent. It also needs to evolve the tax structure to reflect the evolving economy, and to support structural changes designed to improve community and regional services:

Budget Reform

  • Performance-based budgeting
  • Multi-year budget planning
  • Pay-as-you-go for new programs and tax reductions
  • Manage volatile revenue and increase reserves

Revenue Reform

  • Tax structure aligned to the new economy
  • Revenue allocation aligned to structural changes to improve results and accountability

A structure that delivers results and accountability - State and local agencies need to work together to advance five overarching outcomes: employment opportunities, educational achievement, poverty reduction, public safety and health status. Many specific challenges must be addressed by local and regional governments sharing strategies and resources to achieve common objectives.


Common Objectives

  • Empower local governments
  • Create incentives for local governments to cooperate on regional challenges
  • Revitalize educational systems
  • Negotiate pensions

A vibrant and responsive democracy - California’s size and the dynamics of a global economy demand that we rethink the relationship between people and their elected representatives. Our large, growing and diverse population requires new rules to encourage voter participation, and to increase the responsiveness of elected officials:


Increased Responsiveness

  • Implement and support top-two open primary and the Citizens Redistricting Commission
  • Term limit reform
  • Campaign finance full disclosure
  • Refine the initiative process
  • Increase voter involvement
  • Legislative structural reforms to improve voter representation

California Forward is committed to partnering with others across the state to develop all three of these reform efforts.

Speak Up CA - To advance these reforms and give the public a chance to help shape them, we are creating a statewide conversation - part in-person and part online. Learn more about this effort and keep an eye on our Events Calendar for meetings as they are scheduled.