Kathy Jett

Policy Consultant

Kathy Jett joined California Forward in May of 2011 to help assess the impact and state wide capacity needs for implementing AB109.  Ms. Jett oversaw implementation of the last statewide criminal justice reform, Proposition 36, The Substance Abuse and Crime Prevention Act of 2000.  In her over-32 years with the State of California, Jett served Governors and Attorney Generals in key positions such as: Director of Crime and Violence Prevention, Director of Alcohol and Drug Programs, and Undersecretary of "Adult Programs" for the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.  Ms. Jett is a well-known and respected statewide and national leader in the areas of Alcohol, Drug, and Criminal Justice Policy. 

Kathy serves as policy consultant, working closely with the Director of The Partnership.  As already demonstrated, Kathy’s relationships with key leaders, standing in the profession and experience in California has enabled the project to quickly organize and begin adding value to the Partnership’s members, clients and the public.