Katherine J. Armstrong

Project Consultant

Kathy Armstrong is an experienced cross-functional program director with a history of success in driving change initiatives and coaching and leading teams to deliver outstanding results under difficult circumstances. Her experience includes over fifteen years working cross-organizationally in the private sector, including serving as Director of Customer Experience Research and Vice President for Process Improvement at Hewlett-Packard.

Kathy left the corporate world in 2007 to focus on applying her skills in the areas of civic engagement and non-profit organizational effectiveness. Her work in these areas includes strategic planning and online group collaboration consulting to the League of Women Voters, collaborating with Common Cause and Citizen Schools to develop and deliver civic education on redistricting, and facilitating community dialogue with the San Mateo County Threshold 2008 initiative on housing.

Known as an energetic systems thinker, Kathy brings objectivity, structure, and enthusiasm to her work with teams. Kathy holds a masters degree in computer science & engineering and a bachelors degree in psychology and human relations.