An Action Plan


This activity – aligned with other Summit-related activities – seeks to achieve the following outcomes: 

  1. Build a narrative of what California can to improve upward mobility and why it matters that we do it now!
  2. Model a culture of collaborative thinking among diverse perspectives from business, labor and academia.
  3. Broaden awareness of policy leaders of the pragmatic steps, relevant research and specific proposals that can result in tangible outcomes.


There is not one solution and no single person, party, or organization has the answer.

Meaningful solutions will more likely emerge from a robust convergence of ideas and a diverse set of contributors. New voices must be lifted up to share their understanding of the challenges and possible solutions - inspiring new strategies and thinking.

Between June and the 2017 California Economic Summit to be held in November, CA Fwd and the Summit will curate commentaries and conversations among a range of leading thinkers on aspects of the upward mobility agenda. The topics will cover the elements in the Summit’s Roadmap for Shared Prosperity – as well as other considerations and insights, opportunities and innovations.



  • A mass media effort built on existing relationships will include guest commentaries, interview opportunities and editorial board briefings.

  • Blogs written by contributors will be distributed through CA Fwd and California Economic Summit networks, including the websites and e-newsletters of regional partners and allied organizations.

  • Contributors will be connected to public convening and events at California universities and with the Summit’s regional and issue-oriented partners.



May: Introduce the first voices via blog and video in a soft launch

June: Announce the effort publicly in press release and add voices to the discussion

July-October: Identify, promote and participate in state and regional events advancing the thinking that is emerging

November: At the Summit we will deepen the discussion with key state leaders (e.g. education leaders, gubernatorial candidates, business, and labor leaders)

December: Assess effort for long-term prospects and determine next steps



This issue simply must be addressed now: California’s very future depends upon it.

Supporters of this work know we can’t wait for it to fix itself.



For more information, please contact Ed Coghlan, California Forward at 818-489-4774 or