10/13/2010 by California Voter Foundation

The Proposition Song

Need a little help sorting out all of those propositions on this November's ballot?

The California Voter Foundation‘s “Proposition Song Players” have put together a little ditty to help clear things up – the state-wide famous Proposition Song!

The first “Proposition Song” was written in 2000 by Kim Alexander, founder and president of the California Voter Foundation (CVF), a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization, dedicated to advancing the responsible use of technology in the democratic process.

Alexander says she was inspired to write the first "Proposition Song" in 2000, because there were 20 propositions on the California ballot. “It was overwhelming, and I wondered how voters could possibly even keep them all straight.” Thus the idea for a song was born.

The song is especially important this year. “The 2010 ballot is also long and complex, and this election season is quite brutal in terms of campaign messages,” Alexander says. “Voters need something to excite them and get them motivated to vote, especially in light of all the negative campaigning.”

The Proposition Song is also inspired by "Schoolhouse Rock", an educational Saturday morning TV series Alexander (and many of us!) watched as a kid in the 1970's. Schoolhouse rock “showed me how songs can present important information in an entertaining and educational way.”

"The Proposition Song Players" are:

Kim Alexander (vocals, ukulele)

Jana Coyle (vocals, banjo)

Max Howe (vocals, saw)

Bonnie Eldon (bass)

Kate Martin (fiddle)

Dave Oliver (ukulele)

Lou Galgani (percussion)

Listen and sing along to the Proposition Song!

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