California Economic Summit inches closer

A little over a month before the California Economic Summit on November 7-8 in Los Angeles, the final updates to the Signature Initiatives identified at the 2012 Summit have been added to the Summit’s Progress Tracker. Read More

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Combining services the focus of Fremont restructuring workshop

Collaboration was the word of the day at a Monday meeting of Alameda leaders who gathered to weigh in on how California Forward’s proposed realignment plan could work within the East Bay county. Many in the group of around 30 had attended a workshop on this topic in the past and were now back to focus in on specifically how the plan could be implemented. Read More

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At Downtown LA roundtable, participants concerned about oversimplification

At last week’s regional roundtable in Downtown LA, participants expressed support for the Smart Government Framework, but warned that they would need to see more specifics about how areas like education are handled.  Read More

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El Monte Roundtable likes ideas, but unsure how to implement

Local government representatives from throughout Southern California agreed unanimously Monday that state government should be held accountable to measurable outcomes, one of five “smart government” proposals being advanced by California Forward. But, they were less optimistic about how to make it happen. Read More

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Attendees delve deeper into restructuring at 2nd CA Fwd Stakeholder Roundtable

As the governor and lawmakers debate over the best way to get California back on track, people from all over the state have taken the next step in a critical discussion... Read More

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