California needs to think long-term after extra election funding approved

California is correctly addressing perfect storm of competitive presidential primary and glut of November ballot measures. Read More

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Sentencing Reform and Redemption, California Style

In correcting a mistake with sentencing reform, Governor Brown's move could open the door to create cost-effective, smart and humane criminal justice strategies in California. Read More

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California’s Golden Opportunity: How to fine tune local control school reform

Three problems with California's local control accountability plans and three ways to save schools from getting bogged down with complicated plans to improve education outcomes.  Read More

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VIDEO: Californians seek greater transparency in local school funding

Hundreds of Californians attended the State Board of Education meeting in Sacramento last week to encourage more flexibility and transparency in the process. Read More

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Groups weigh in on school local control ahead of key education board meeting

Board adopts permanent regulations on local control funding formula plans created across the state. Read More

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Study: Smart, targeted strategies key to cutting recidivism

Looking at the latest numbers from PPIC study on California arrests and convictions Read More

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Initiative process scrutinized in PPIC roundtable

PPIC’s Reforming California’s Initiative Process event, held Thursday afternoon in Sacramento, was an analysis of California’s popular but flawed process of direct democracy Read More

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This Week in Realignment: August 23, 2013

As is always the case, it’s never as black and white as one might think after reading one or two newspaper articles.  Read More

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No Child Left Behind waivers put standards back under local control

Much as the districts’ appeal to the Department of Education was done jointly, the new system for the eight districts will also be executed in tandem.  Read More

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GPAA: Elected leaders throw weight behind measure

Elected leaders throughout California say the California Forward Action Fund’s Government Performance and Accountability Act (GPAA) – based on the framework developed by California Forward - is essential to breaking down silos, holding elected leaders accountable to voters, and allowing agencies to collaborate. Read More

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Leadership and collaboration spur economic gains in East Bay

Even as frustration grows to a fever pitch throughout California about the sluggish economic climate and persistent governance issues, many found reason for hope at the East Bay Economic Development Alliance (EDA)’s strategic planning workshop. Read More

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Forward Thinker Richard Close wants decisions to be made close to home

Close is a longtime leader in Sherman Oaks and the San Fernando Valley, known for his tenacious work to protect the quality of life in his community. Since 1976, he's been president of the influential Sherman Oaks Homeowners Association (SOHA), which impressively averages 175 people per meeting. Read More

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Newsom tells Inland Empire business leaders investment and innovation must win

California Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom has a plan to fix California’s broken governance system, and it begins with government investment in the future and innovation from Californians all over the state. Read More

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Golden Governance literally saves lives and improves communities

San Ramon Fire Chief Richard Price was eating lunch with members of his team one day, when they heard sirens and saw a team of medics pulling up to the grocery store next door. Someone had gone into cardiac arrest. Not realizing there were trained responders nearby, store managers had called 911, but by the time medics arrived, it was too late to administer CPR. A life could have been saved if only there had been a way to ask for help. Read More

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The ABCs of public accountability

Perhaps not surprisingly, the state of California announced this week it is $705 million short of first quarter revenue estimates, meaning so-called “trigger cuts” to the budget will go into effect. The only glimmer of hope – though dim – is word that school districts and Cal State and UC campuses have already been making plans to cover the automatic cuts triggered by this shortfall. Read More

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San Joaquin partnership elevates region

The California Partnership for the San Joaquin Valley chose a single-word theme for last week’s summit: “Elevate.” In one sense, the word reflects progress in improving the region's quality of life. In another, it meant more hard work lies ahead to lift the Valley's fortunes. Read More

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Americans place their trust in local governments

Shrinking budgets and bipartisan politics have not shaken the trust Americans have in local governments--finds a recent Gallup Poll. However, in western states such as California, that trust is a little less bulletproof. Read More

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AB109 offers significant state prison reform

AB109 is the unassuming name for the single most significant reform in a century to California's prison system and the state's approach to criminal justice. Beginning Oct. 1, anyone convicted of nonviolent, nonsexual and/or non-serious criminal offenses (a.k.a. triple nons) will head to county jail instead of state prison. Anyone up for parole on a similar offense will be supervised by county officials. Read More

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Latest Field Poll another reason to support ‘Smart Government’

California voters remain fed up with their legislature, as seen in the latest Field Poll, which finds that people have little confidence in the body charged with passing laws and budgeting taxpayer dollars. Their support for the governor, however, remains steady. Read More

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Smart Government a holistic way to move CA forward

The latest report from the U.S. Census Bureau finds that the number of Americans living in poverty swelled to almost 1 in 6 people last year, reaching a new high as long-term unemployment left millions of Americans out of work. But, data have the power to make people act.  Read More

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