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California community college crowd-sources funding for new classes

Since May 1st, the VVCF started raising money for Campaign for Classes. The goal is to raise $250,000.  Read More

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UC system accepting more out-of-state students at the expense of CA residents

Famously wracked by budget cuts, the UC system has reached a new low in the number of actual Californians it’s admitting. At the same time, out-of-state applicants have had their acceptance levels swell by 21 percent over last year for the coming fall semester. Read More

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Long Beach College Promise prime example of local government cooperation

Long Beach is known for its port, its aquarium, and the permanently docked Queen Mary. But one more thing should be added to that list: it’s a classic example of local governments – in this case schools – working together. Read More

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Statewide survey says Californians support Gov. Brown education proposal

A statewide survey shows a very healthy majority of Californians support the governor’s proposal to both increase funding to districts with low income students learning English as well as giving school districts more autonomy in choosing how to spend state funds Read More

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Summer courses begin slow return to California community colleges

Some classes will return to the notoriously cut down summer session Read More

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California community colleges scorecard aims for higher transparency and accountability

For those interested in higher education, when it comes time, choosing the right institution is a tough decision. Read More

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California school district brings business philosophy to the classroom

The San Rafael Schools district is taking the "skills gap" head-on by incorporating business philosophy into the curriculum to better prepare students Read More

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President Obama’s preschool proposal contrasts with California status quo

President Barack Obama brought up several topics that gave us something to chew on, but one thing that particularly made us stop and think were his proposals on preschool education Read More

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Video: One on One with California community college chancellor Brice Harris

We had the opportunity to sit down with California Community Colleges Chancellor Brice Harris. With just three months under his belt, the Chancellor explains why he believes better days are on the horizon.  Read More

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Contra Costa Latino parents gather to resolve education challenges

Nearly fifty parents from Contra Costa County met face-to-face with representatives of three of the largest school districts in the county to discuss shared concerns about Latino drop-outs, the challenges English Learner students are encountering and the difficulties parents have getting involved. Read More

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Slashed student state worker jobs amount to a drop in the bucket

Are politicians tone deaf when it comes to the message they send with various raises and pay-cuts? Read More

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Leaders inspire Sacramentans at voter education forum

Passion, community engagement and involvement were the messages given to those who gathered at last weekend’s second annual United Latinos Voter Empowerment Forum at Sacramento State University. Read More

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Lively discussion marks 100th anniversary of CA direct democracy

We are rapidly approaching the 100 year anniversary of the California initiative process, an occasion celebrated by some and scorned by others. The centennial of the Golden State’s system of direct democracy is provoking many to rethink this process and consider whether it needs an upgrade. Read More

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Public involvement key to government transparency & accountability, says Raya

CA Fwd Policy Director Richard Raya has been profiled by InnovatingSMART, an organization working to share stories of people and organizations doing innovative work to create systems that improve lives. Read More

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AB18 comes to a screeching halt

With a strong bipartisan support (74-2) in the Assembly of AB18 last month, it appeared that the Legislature would actually begin to fulfill its constitutional obligation to support our public schools and students. Unfortunately, Assembly Education Committee chair Julia Brownley, pulled the bill from its scheduling hearing in the Senate, essentially shelving it until 2012. Read More

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Cuts to higher ed: the master plan turncoats

Some of the same state legislators who benefited from the higher education system now won't act to keep it whole. Read More

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