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LCFF & Common Core: How Lynwood Unified is managing both

In this interview, CAFwd spoke to Alma-Delia Renteria, a teacher and school board member at the Lynwood Unified School District for her perspective on the ongoing changes. Read More

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LCFF can’t be only step toward education reform

While the law changes how money is distributed, however, it does very little to change the actual amount of money that is going toward schools.  Read More

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LCFF & Common Core: How Compton Unified is managing both

In this interview, CAFwd spoke to Micah Ali of the Compton Unified School District for his perspective on the ongoing changes.  Read More

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New lawsuit puts teacher firing practices under the microscope

Lawyers inevitably end up having the loudest voice in the room, which is why California Forward reached out to a former California teacher for one person’s ground level view on the lawsuit. Read More

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The key to LCFF: Authentic parent engagement

Californians believe that our school need to stay in school and do better in the classroom to be prepared for the 21st Century. The development of regulations by the State Education Board for the Local Control Funding Formula for public schools has been a big issue recently in the state. What do education leaders think about these new regulations?  Read More

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Communication key for a truly effective LCFF

The law will thrive or die based on the quality of communication and conversation that comes with it. If the Board’s recent behavior is any indication, LCFF just might have a fighting chance at making positive, groundbreaking change for California’s schools. Read More

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Authentic parent engagement and LCFF

But like the quality of education schools offer across the state, the quality and even the commitment to parent engagement is anything but consistent.  Read More

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California school districts worry they may be shorted millions in funding

Some of California’s biggest school districts, like Los Angeles, San Diego, and Fresno, are worried that they will be shortchanged millions because of the California Department of Education’s decision back in August to require that schools verify family income yearly.  Read More

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Survey says parents don’t know what LCFF is, but like the idea

Only nine percent of Californian parents reported knowing a great deal about the formula, while a whopping 57 percent have never even heard of it. Read More

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To prepare California’s kids we must train the adults that care for and teach them

Let's invest in raising awareness about how the adults in the lives of children are the ones - the only ones - that can shape a child's future, and then let's invest in giving those adults the tools and training they need to do so.  Read More

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Early Learning Development and the Local Control Funding Formula

One area that hasn’t received much ink in regard to ELD is how it stands to fare under California’s new Local Control Funding Formula law Read More

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Ignorance isn’t bliss when it comes to civic awareness

Only one percent of respondents answered all five of the relatively easy questions correctly. Read More

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Criticism of new school funding law misses the mark

Like all things that sound hunky dory, the law has drawn increasing caution, concern, and criticism, highlighted last week by a piece by EdSource’s Louis Freedberg on the potential weaknesses in the new school funding law. But some parts of his argument lack clarity in a manner that merits a response. Read More

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The Not-so-Magic School Bus

Senator Carol Liu’s “Pathways to Partnership” tour is not likely to turn up in Sunset magazine. But, when not stuck in traffic, the bus might have been headed to the future. Read More

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A conversation on LCFF with Teri Burns of the California School Board Association

Teri updates California Forward on the progress of the implementation of the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF), the new way of funding California's schools by allowing for more control by districts over how they spend their funds.  Read More

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Benchmarks set for rollout of new school funding formula

And, as with most things involving the tortoise-like progression of government policy, it’s a tale of regulations and rules. Read More

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Assembly and Senate bills look to chisel away at digital divide

SB740 and AB1299 tackle that digital divide head-on. The two bills each come at the issue from different angles; SB740, sponsored by Senator Padilla, deals with rural broadband infrastructure, while Assemblyman Steven Bradford’s AB1299 is about expanding digital literacy. Read More

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How will the Local Control Funding Formula impact California education?

How will students be impacted by the Local Control Funding Formula? How will this shape the future of California’s education? Read More

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No Child Left Behind waivers put standards back under local control

Much as the districts’ appeal to the Department of Education was done jointly, the new system for the eight districts will also be executed in tandem.  Read More

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Governor’s budget agreement ushers in new era of school spending

The budget deal will significantly simplify and rebalance how the state allocates money among school districts and charter schools serving 6 million students Read More

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