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How San Diego’s Blue Economy could help elevate state’s jobs and economy

San Diego's port is incubating businesses in Blue Tech industries  Read More

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Going beyond academics, economic prosperity for all students remains goal of San Diego school

Charter aims to graduate and create plan for success for high school drop outs who typically earn $10K less than graduates Read More

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Elevate CA: The California State University is vital to state’s socioeconomic success

More jobs are in software development than on the production line. Here's how the CSU system is adapting to help students succeed. Read More

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Regionalization: The Next Frontier of Equity and Opportunity for California

Economic issues and disparities in Bay Area cut across local borders. Solutions should, too. Read More

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How our interdependence is essential for equity and upward mobility

Increasing the working age population is the best equity strategy. And it's everyone's responsibility Read More

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Elevating California means all regions must rise together

With only 20 percent of the Inland Empire holding bachelor's degrees, education is key to solving economic uncertainty Read More

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Don’t leave rural California behind

Businesses and workers outside urban cores face distinct challenges including the digital divide Read More

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California Community Colleges Helping Address Nursing Shortage

Internationally-trained nurses face a difficult barrier to practice in California. The Single Subject Course pilot is one example of improving the workforce pipeline by providing international healthcare workers access to courses needed obtain their state license. Read More

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Our Future is 3-D: How to better pay for public goods through economic growth

New infrastructure tools make it easier for local governments to partner around shared purpose Read More

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VIDEO: Retooling California schools to spark upward mobility

We asked about the importance of improving education so today's students do better than previous generations Read More

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No One is Disposable: Growing California’s working population critical to future economy

A different look at why unemployment rates are low yet wages are stagnant Read More

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California’s nonprofit sector is key to addressing economic insecurity

Programs like a theater company for at-risk youth can give them a reason to be optimistic and to achieve beyond circumstance Read More

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Our Puzzling Economy: How demographic trends are disrupting growth

As California's population gets older, more people will earn, spend, and contribute less Read More

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The Other Side of Paradise: How to improve the promise of California’s community colleges

To address yawning gap between rich and poor, colleges need to be nimbler and better track how well graduates do Read More

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California’s 114 community colleges add up to a crucial part of solving economic insecurity

Chancellor -- a product of the Colleges -- talks about system's vision for expanding the middle class Read More

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Underemployment adds to growing income inequality problem

Rising costs causing more people to work part-time involuntarily. Read More

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Chambers of commerce should embrace the opportunity of growing diversity

Number of businesses owned by immigrants and people of color is growing Read More

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Deborah Nankivell: What is Broken and How Would I Fix It?

Why a new contract for behavior in the civic sector is overdue Read More

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Elevate CA: California can lead the nation in rebuilding upward mobility

State's higher education leadership says it's time to build a California that "educates, works for and lifts up its people." Read More

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For California to be called the Golden State, all of it must to be golden says new Stockton mayor

Young mayor aims to reinvent the city and close the opportunity gap in central California city Read More

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