Stockton becomes most populous US city in history to declare bankruptcy

A U.S. Bankruptcy judge has given the green light for the city of Stockton to enter into bankruptcy protection, making it the most populous city in the nation to do so. Read More

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What does immigration reform mean to California agriculture?

It’s common knowledge that the majority of farm laborers in the United States are undocumented immigrants. Less commonly known is the fact that migrant labor has been on a steady decline.  Read More

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Streamlining California’s approach to clean drinking water

Currently, some 250,000 Californians in the San Joaquin and Salinas Valleys have nitrate contamination issues, according to a study released by UC Davis last spring. Compounding the problem, these communities are some of the poorest in our state. Read More

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Video: One on One with California community college chancellor Brice Harris

We had the opportunity to sit down with California Community Colleges Chancellor Brice Harris. With just three months under his belt, the Chancellor explains why he believes better days are on the horizon.  Read More

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Dairy Cliff narrowly averted for California milk industry

The fiscal cliff wasn’t the only cliff that threatened the nation’s economic balance to start the year. Elected officials in Washington were also grappling with how to keep the nation from going headfirst off the dairy cliff. Read More

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The San Joaquin Valley’s response to the Governor’s budget

In effect, the sentiment can be surmised as one of pleasant surprise, somewhere along the lines of "wow, I’m sure glad I didn’t place a bet on that one." Read More

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Plan Monrovia: How one California city is making a lean budget work

As cities are being challenged to do more with less, city officials and residents share the same goal: ensuring that limited resources are being spent wisely. In Monrovia, they are working in tandem to do just that. Read More

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Will 2013 be the year California tackles its water problems?

As we look forward to 2013, expect that the state's water infrastructure again comes up for major discussion. Governor Brown, who has called water one of California's four chronic issues, has promised to address the issue. Read More

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How will CEQA changes modernize the California economy?

As we approach year's end, the news about the California economy is less gloomy than it was a year ago. A look at some recent reporting shows a mixed bag, but with the trends in the right direction. Read More

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Turning California farmers into farm owners

The Golden State continues to produce the largest number of agriculture exports in the nation, accounting for nearly 12 percent of the US total. Read More

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Amazon making good on boosting California economy

First there was the City of San Bernardino. Then there was Patterson. Now, you can add the Tracy to the list of places where internet retailer Amazon is calling home. Read More

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The effect of California’s high youth unemployment on the economy

A recent report indicates that the urgent problem of high youth unemployment exists because there is a disconnect among employers, educators and youth. Read More

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What’s Possible: New Ideas for our Fiscal Path Forward

Last week, John Myers moderated a frank discussion at Cal State Sacramento about what drastic measures are needed to get our state back on track. Here's what was said. Read More

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California economy hurt by out-of-work Millennials

California's economic recovery is unquestionably hampered by the 850,000 people aged 16-24 who are neither in school nor working Read More

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Redwood Coast injecting life into local economy

As recently as a decade ago, the sprawling redwood north of California, a region the size of Connecticut and New Jersey combined, had no broadband access, difficult transportation challenges across hundreds of miles of mountains, and a generation of workers who found themselves tempted to tell their children to move elsewhere to find good jobs. Read More

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California gas prices: what happened and what’s next?

With the Legislature out of session and the general election still a few weeks away, the airwaves have been dominated by talk of sky-high prices at the pump. We do a mini round-up so you have an idea as to what's happening and where we go from here. Read More

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Felix Baumgartner, Red Bull and the California economy

As 8 million people watched Felix Baumgartner jump from 128,000 feet above sea level, it made us realize what this indicates about the state of education and innovation in California and America. Read More

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Early childhood education has bigger impact on California economy than you think

A conference at UCLA's Anderson School of Management tackled the effects of early education on job skills and workforce issues Read More

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California schools refining curriculae to meet local job demands

What is becoming more apparent nationally and statewide is the skills gap that exists between available jobs and workers to fill them. And it's the Community Colleges that are trying to leap into that breach and improve our workforce training in the country. Read More

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California local government says good governance is the reason the city is seeing black not red

The city of Temecula has a budget surplus. Your eyes don't deceive you. City leaders in Temecula recently announced that the city finished the 2011-2012 fiscal year more than $2.7 million in the black. Read More

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