California voter registration sees record efforts on college campuses

Student organizations spearheading voter registration efforts on California State and University of California campuses this cycle registered almost 70,000 students, significantly besting respective efforts in 2008. Read More

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California elected leaders—not always open and transparent about their voting record

The Associated Press, this week, reported exclusively that it had analyzed every vote cast during the 2012 session and discovered California Assembly members changed and added their votes to legislation more than 5,000 times. Read More

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California voter registration en route to a record

Over 1 million Californians filed voter applications online this fall and over 380,000 of them have already been qualified. All told nearly 700,000 Californians registered to vote in the 45 days leading up to the October 22nd deadline. Read More

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Top Two Primary system and redistricting cause of heated California Congressional Race?

If you pay any attention to politics in California, here are two words for you: Berman-Sherman. Read More

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Felix Baumgartner, Red Bull and the California economy

As 8 million people watched Felix Baumgartner jump from 128,000 feet above sea level, it made us realize what this indicates about the state of education and innovation in California and America. Read More

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Online voter registration a resounding success in California

According to the Secretary of State's office, in the first three weeks, approximately 380,000 people used the online application to register for the first time OR to update their existing voter records. Read More

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October 9: Two big milestones in the voting process

Today is the official launch of the vote-by-mail process in California and also the day that sample ballots are mailed out. We offer a few tips if you are planning on voting by mail instead of in person on November 6. Read More

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Video: Getting Californians involved and engaged via Rock the Vote Campaign

Partisan politics aside, it would appear California elected leaders agree on one thing: boosting voter turnout by making it easier, thanks to innovation and the use of technology. Read More

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What did we learn from National Voter Registration Day in California?

A full six weeks before November 6 hits, this Tuesday was designated National Voter Registration Day. National organizations that have been perennial advocates such as Rock The Vote down to many, many state and local organizations joined hands in mobilizing Californians to register. Read More

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Election day registration signed into California law by Gov. Brown

Assembly Bill 1436, by Assemblyman Mike Feuer (D-Los Angeles), which passed out of both houses along party-line votes earlier this year, will allow eligible California voters to register and vote up to and on Election Day. Currently, voter registration forms must be postmarked 15 days prior to any election.  Read More

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Online voter registration a reality today in California

California is making the foray into the world of online voter registration. It's not voting...but it's a definite step in the right direction and will absolutely remove barriers for many to participate in the democratic process Read More

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Californians tackle major issues at the Reviving CA Community Summit in Silicon Valley

On Saturday, Oct. 2, 2010, people from all walks of life came together to help find ways to reinvigorate the State of California. Read More

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Election results bring landscape and climate change to education

In the educational and social justice community, we hope the 2010 election results will bring literal and figurative climate change to Sacramento and California. Key election results present new hopes and opportunities for the communities we represent: low-income families, immigrants, and students of color. Read More

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Confused voters need a crash course in democracy

The election is over, and what happened? No one has much of an answer, since voters appear to be deeply confused and conflicted about what government means in our lives, especially in California.  Read More

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Down the ticket: Non-gubernatorial constitutional officer election results

An estimated 9.5 million Californians came out to vote in this week’s election, wading through two front-and-back pages of ballot choices, myriad local measures, and several tight races.  Read More

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Comprehensive fiscal reform: How long can we wait?

Even with 100 "extra" days to finish their work, the Legislature and Governor fell well short of including comprehensive budget reform in the final 2010 budget. Read More

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Alex Raksin: The Whitman and Brown debate

The notion that California is the place to “invent the American dream” may have been conjured up by real estate hucksters, but Californians largely accepted this romantic ideal during the 20th Century, thanks not only to the Mamas and the Papas and scores of other Hollywood musicians and movie-makers, but to the Progressive leaders who created a ballot initiative process that gives voters enough clout to act like a Fourth branch of government. Read More

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