Caitlin Maple

Research Analyst

Caitlin Maple served as Research Analyst for California Forward. After graduating from the University of California, Davis with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Caitlin began working in the Legislature and developed an understanding of the legislative process in the state's Capitol. Caitlin then transitioned into the role as the research analyst working on California Forward's Election Funding Project. This year-long project funded by the James Irvine Foundation aimed to assess how elections are funded in other states as well as in California's 58 counties in order to discover more equitable and sustainable election funding models.

In addition to conducting research, she was also responsible for writing election-related media content, and briefing organizations, policy makers, and other interested parties on the project. Caitlin also represented California Forward as the program lead on the Future of California Elections conference planning committee, where findings of the Election Funding Project were presented in February 2016.


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