CA Fwd is hiring! CA Fwd is a nonpartisan and nonprofit organization devoted to championing policies that will result in shared prosperity for all Californians and to improving the performance of government at all levels. Our staff reflects the diversity of California’s population and works from a variety of locations throughout the state. 

We seek individuals who are excited by the mission, and knowledgeable and articulate about the work. Individuals should enjoy working as a member of a team, have excellent time-management and communication skills (written and oral), and the ability to multi-task to meet deadlines. If this is you, apply today for one of five open positions:

Director of Strategy – location negotiable, apply by June 30

Director of Regional Stewardship – location negotiable, apply by June 30

Project Manager – two positions, location negotiable, apply by June 30

Executive Assistant – Bay Area or Sacramento, apply by June 15

CA Fwd believes that every region in the state must have a voice to ensure their economic prosperity. In addition, we believe that increased emphasis on accountability and transparency will create a government that Californians deserve and expect. 

Just this week, CA Fwd announced integration with the California Stewardship Network (CSN) further strengthening our capacity and footprint in the diverse regions across California. This integration is supported by two philanthropic organizations – the Morgan Family Foundation and the James Irvine Foundation – which have been bastions of California’s civic life and were instrumental in the creation and flourishing of CA Fwd and CSN. 

CA Fwd’s marquee project, the California Economic Summit, has attracted thousands of Californians interested in building an economy that can compete in the 21st century for the benefit all of state residents.

Join the team!  Apply today.


California Forward is an equal opportunity employer.