California Forward Action Fund Submits Reform Initiatives

Nonpartisan proposals seek to restore state’s leadership

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SACRAMENTO – The California Forward Action Fund submitted a pair of nonpartisan initiatives Friday that would bring comprehensive reform to California’s broken budget process, protect funding for local services and give communities new tools and resources to set their own priorities and chart their own paths for the future.

“In jobs and technology, education and quality of life, our state has always led the way. We’ve been to every corner of the state, talked to hundreds of people from every walk of life and spent months of research refining our proposals. These reforms get California moving again so California can lead again,” said Bob Hertzberg, co-chair of the California Forward Action Fund and former Assembly Speaker.

“Politics as usual won’t solve our problems,’’ said Thomas McKernan, California Forward Action Fund co-chair and CEO of the Automobile Club of Southern California. “It’s time to focus on common sense – by taking practices that have proven themselves in business and other states, and putting them to work in California, balancing the budget, reducing waste and delivering better results.”

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