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last updated: July 11, 2011

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Restructuring: A Conceptual Framework
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Welcome Message

Welcome to the California Forward Stakeholder Roundtable!

We are looking forward to having you join this important effort to help us explore and refine a set of specific governance proposals to improve the state-local relationship. Our goal is to inform both the current discussions resulting from the Brown Administration's restructuring proposal, as well as additional reforms that may be needed to fully enable government to use innovation to improve results. These additional reforms could be advanced through the Legislature or a citizen's ballot initiative.

While Governor Brown and many leaders in the California Legislature are calling for "government closer to the people," crafting those changes to laws, regulation and practice is an incredibly complex task. Achieving fiscal balance is an important goal, but the greater opportunity is to align legal authorities, fiscal controls, best practices and financial incentives to steadily improve the quality of programs and the positive impact they provide to individuals, families and communities. Our conversations will be grounded in changes necessary to create innovation, improve outcomes, strengthen accountability and restore public trust.

We are bringing together current and former governmental leaders from schools, counties and cities; academics, experts, advocates and civic leaders to encourage multi-disciplinary thinking and problem-solving. We have planned four meetings over the next few months to talk together about your ideas, suggestions and concerns.

Our first Stakeholder Roundtable event was a conference call on Thursday, Jan. 20, 2011 from 1:30 to 2:30 p.m. PST, where California Forward Executive Director Jim Mayer and Policy Director Richard Raya provided an overview of California Forward's work, and an orientation to the policy reforms we are working on.

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Restructuring:  A Conceptual Framework

Download the July 11 Smart Government Framework FULL DOCUMENT (.pdf)
Download the July 11 Smart Government Framework EXECUTIVE SUMMARY (.pdf)
Download the July 11 Smart Government Framework 4-PAGE SUMMARY (.pdf)


Meeting Information

The meetings of the Stakeholder Roundtable have concluded.  To access information from past meetings, go here.