Profile of a potential commissioner: Sandor X. Mayuga

Mayuga says he aspires to join the Citizens Redistricting Commission to redraw districts that will return California as a leader among states and to meriting the respect and reputation it once had. Read More

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CA Hispanic Chambers of Commerce 31st Annual Convention: Made in California

The California Hispanic Chambers of Commerce (CHCC) recently held its 31st Annual Convention in Los Angeles.  Read More

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News > Fwd: Week of August 23

Yesterday, in a letter to legislative leaders, State Controller John Chiang, State Treasurer Bill Lockyer and Director of Finance Ana Matosantos announced they will be deferring $2.5 billion in payments to schools and $400 million to counties. Read More

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Weber links regional economies to CA revival

Peter E. Weber, California Forward Leadership Council member and Co-Chair of the Regional Jobs Initiative, talks about regional economies in California. Read More

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Op-ed: Require the budget to be for two years

In an opinion piece published today by The Sacramento Bee, Democrat Bob Hertzberg and Republican Mike Genest urge the Legislature to pass comprehensive budget reform modeled after the California Forward 2010 Reform Principles. Read More

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News < Re: Week of August 16

They're back. We're referring to state worker furloughs, of course. Read More

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News < Re: Week of August 9

$2,190,870,000.00 That's the amount in unpaid bills the state will accrue if it does not enact a budget by the end of this month, according to State Controller John Chiang.  Read More

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News > Fwd: Week of August 9

With reform-watchers having this Friday the 13th circled on their calendars, all eyes will be on budget talks in the Legislature. Read More

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News > Fwd: Week of August 16

Over a month and a half past the constitutional deadline to enact a budget, only $4 billion is separating Republicans and Democrats in their negotiations. Only. Read More

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Op-ed: The clock is ticking on reform - but it’s not too late

In an opinion article published today by Capitol Weekly, Leadership Council Co-Chairs Bob Hertzberg and Tom McKernan urge state leaders to coalesce around comprehensive fiscal reform proposals crafted by California Forward.  Read More

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Making Better Sense of Government

Wikipedia contributors define quantum mechanics (QM) as “a branch of physics providing a mathematical description of much of the dual particle-like and wave-like behavior and interactions of energy and matter.” It’s true: some concepts are more difficult to comprehend than others.  Read More

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Citizens Redistricting Commission welcomes public engagement

Exciting things are underway in Sacramento in the form of the Applicant Review Panel and its impact on statewide redistricting. Read More

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The numbers are in: We’re not voting as much as we used to

Did you vote on June 8? Many Californians stayed away from the polls that day. In fact, that election’s results were decided by less than 1 in 4 eligible voters. And we want to know why that is.  Read More

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Rules no substitute for leadership, but they’re a good complement

Yesterday, California officially entered its third week into the 2010-11 Fiscal Year without a budget. While this is hardly surprising to close watchers of California politics and nowhere even close to the 85 days late which the previous year’s budget was enacted, the inevitable annual delay certainly does little to improve public perception of state leaders. Read More

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Kate Martin: 4-H youth are moving California Forward

The other day I met a group of extremely inspiring young adults from around the state who – after five days in Sacramento learning about state government – now know more about how government works, or should work, than do most Californians. These 4-H members were in Sacramento for their annual California Focus conference and had invited me to tell them about California Forward.  Read More

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Summary Report: South Central Coast Regional Dialogue

View or download the full .pdf of the Summary Report from California Forward's South Central Coast Regional Dialogue, held June 16 in Santa Barbara.  Read More

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The journey down the road to reform started in Santa Barbara

Most of the discussion at California Forward’s first regional dialogue in Santa Barbara focused on what good government looks like—and how the state’s current governance system, built nearly a century ago, can be reformed to reflect the shared values of today’s Californians. Read More

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Where to begin: The Central Coast weighs in on what needs to change first

During several hours of passionate discussion in Santa Barbara at the first regional meeting of Speak Up for California, a group of private industry leaders, academics, and public officials quickly identified where they would like a governance reform effort to start. Read More

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Students across the state endorse California Forward reforms

The California State Students Association (CSSA) Board of Directors voted today to unanimously endorse the 2010 California Forward Fiscal Reforms that will help restore transparency and accountability in the state budgeting process. Read More

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Silicon Valley Leadership Group endorses Fiscal Reform Plan

California Forward announced today that the Silicon Valley Leadership Group's Board of Directors has voted unanimously to endorse the California Forward Fiscal Reform Plan. Read More

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