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A running list of coverage of CA Fwd in the news, alongside selected items on reform in California.

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Report: Taking open data to next level requires quality data, committed leaders

In a perfect world, all governmental agencies would have an open data portal that is easy to access and analyze. This would allow citizens to find out how their tax dollars are being spent, from finding when the last time the water main on their street was replaced to seeing the latest health inspection results of their favorite restaurant. Read more

VIDEO: California proposal to expand voting options takes cues from Colorado

In California, vote-by-mail has become more and more popular but only 42 percent of registered voters actually cast their ballot in the November 2014 election. To examine Colorado's much-touted early voting options, California Secretary of State Alex Padilla made a fact-finding trek to the state, which bucked a national trend and increased its turnout compared to previous elections. Read more

VIDEO: California proposal to expand voting options takes cues from Colorado

The origins of why Americans typically vote on Tuesdays involve farmers, horses and buggies, and a 19th century federal law. Here in 21st century California, the reasoning behind a recent proposal to expand voting options beyond Election Day Tuesday originates from the success of another state in boosting voter turnout: Colorado. Read more

CA Fwd offers policy framework for special legislative session on road funding

While state leaders agreed on a $167 billion budget this week, Gov. Brown also called a special legislative session to solve a funding challenge the last three governors have struggled to address: a $59 billion backlog in state road and highways maintenance. CA Fwd highlighted this shortfall as one of the state’s biggest fiscal issues in its Financing the Future series—and this week offered lawmakers a detailed set of revenue options for closing funding gaps, while also improving the governance of the transportation system. Read more

Open Data bill is an important update to the California Public Records Act

Government in California involves thousands of state and local agencies that provide critical services. Developing and managing public programs – and improving results – require a holistic view of how these agencies operate and how they can work better together. Today that is nearly impossible, but the passage of SB 272 and other “Open Data” bills could make it more possible. Read more

State lawmakers set to approve budget with increased spending

Jim Mayer, president of California Forward, a public policy organization, urged lawmakers to be more transparent when phasing in new funding. Although multi-year figures are available for people who know where to look or whom to ask, they're rarely included in press releases and public statements. "There should be no ambiguity about that," Mayer said. "It should be very clear that this is a growing liability." Read more

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