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Our running list of CA Fwd news coverage, alongside selected items on reform in California.

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Ballot measure threatens California water tunnels plan

Amid long-standing controversy surrounding Gov. Jerry Brown’s plan to build two tunnels to divert water around the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta to the south, one advantage the project appeared to hold was that Brown could forge ahead without a public vote. Read more

Opinion: California’s initiative process needs reform—not repeal

Most Californians have a love-hate relationship with the initiative process. They love it when the voters approve their initiatives, but they hate having to vote on so many propositions. Read more

Opinion:How to spread the wealth of California innovations

California is in danger of turning into a divided state. To paraphrase Abraham Lincoln: A state divided against itself cannot stand. Read more

Tax increases back on California’s agenda

Inheriting a budget deficit when he took office in 2011, Gov. Jerry Brown tried for months – and failed – to reach agreement with Republicans to put a tax measure on the ballot. He finally bypassed the Legislature and went directly to voters himself. Read more

California says new Delta tunnels plan better for environment, fish

Gov. Jerry Brown’s administration took a significant step toward building a pair of water tunnels through the Delta on Thursday, unveiling the fine print on a redesign that state officials say would reduce impacts on the landscape, improve conditions for endangered fish and enhance water supplies for millions of Southern Californians. Read more

LCAP not API to serve as school performance monitor

In a subtle but significant policy shift, state education officials acknowledged publicly Wednesday that the focal point for measuring school performance going forward will be the Local Control Accountability Plan and not the Annual Performance Index. Read more

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