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Our running list of CA Fwd news coverage, alongside selected items on reform in California.

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Legislative leaders shelve bill overhauling elections until next year

California legislative leaders have put a hold on a bill by Secretary of State Alex Padilla that would overhaul California elections in response to last year's dismal voter turnout. Read more

New study says a third of Californians in poverty

Nearly a third of California’s households “struggle each month to meet basic needs,” largely because of the state’s high cost of living, a new study by United Ways of California concludes. Read more

County offices gain extra month to review LCAPs

The Legislature has granted county offices of education an extra month, until Sept. 15, to approve school districts’ annual budgets. Read more

Opinion: Pensions fight gets new ammo

It’s likely that California voters will be treated – or subjected – next year to a vitriolic campaign over public employee pensions. Read more

In Los Angeles, Voting Is Getting the Silicon Valley Treatment

Last year, a bipartisan commission established by President Obama declared that the U.S. faces an “impending crisis in voting technology.” Read more

CA water agencies resist bill to report water losses from leaky, broken infrastructure

While water consumers are pressed to save every drop in the continuing drought, water utilities keep poor track of how much of their supply is lost before it ever reaches faucets - and at least some are resisting a bill to make them report those loses more frequently. Read more

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