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The State of the Field interactive map displays the status of reforms in a state-by-state basis in four key issue areas: redistricting, the voting process, the primary process, and campaign finance and disclosure. The purpose is to provide an up-to-date resource for reform efforts occurring in every state. The 50 State Solution, through its founding partner CA Fwd, has begun the process of dynamically capturing the state of change in these areas in order to aggregate and link the work of reformers across the nation.

State of the Field: By the Numbers



Campaign Finance & Disclosure

  • States with independent redistricting commissions: 13

  • States with advisory redistricting commissions: 5

  • States considering redistricting commissions: 10

  • States considering proposals to strengthen campaign finance laws: 7

  • States that have adopted public financing of elections: 2

Voting Process


Primary Process

  • States that have considered automatic voter registration: 28, plus the District of Columbia

  • States with online voter registration: 5

  • States that have considered online voter registration: 15

  • States with voting centers: 10 (with California currently considering)

  • Cities have implement ranked-choice voting: 4 (Maine is currently considering implementing statewide)
  • % of states with either "open" or "closed" primaries: 60%

  • % of states with "semi-closed" primaries: 22%

  • % of states with "semi-open" primaries: 14%

  • California has a "top-two" primary

  • Louisiana has a "jungle" primary

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